Cuphead DLC Delay Puts Delicious Last Course At 2020 Release Date

If you were one of those people looking forward to the “Delicious Last Course” DLC that would be released to round off Cuphead’s development, we’ve unfortunately got some bad news. While previously slated for a 2019 release, a new trailer yesterday said that a Cuphead DLC delay means it won’t release until 2020.

Studio MDHR, the developer for the game, took to Xbox Wire today to give fans an explanation. They said that they were committed to giving players the best experience possible, but that they had also learned things about making development healthy and sustainable for the team.

Going by those words, this likely means that MDHR instituted the Cuphead DLC delay in order to avoid having to figure crunch into the mix, a decision that’s gaining increasing importance among many studios in light of increasing scrutiny from gamers about crunch.

Considering the development process behind Cuphead and how long it took, Studio MDHR would know all about crunch and how things would be healthy and sustainable for the team. Due to the hugely time-consuming process of animating the backgrounds and characters, the developers had to remortgage their homes in order to gain enough money to finish.

Thankfully that all worked out when the game released back in September of 2017. Barring one infamous example of a journalist being unable to understand the concept of a jump-dash, the game got critical acclaim and sold millions, and now has gained renewed success after a Switch port was released back in April.

Considering how good Cuphead is as a game already, hopefully fans of Studio MDHR will be able to wait for another year so that the Cuphead DLC delay can be put to good use. There’s no confirmed release date for when the Delicious Last Course DLC will be coming, but hopefully it will be fairly early in 2020.