Overwatch 2: Will It Happen? What Do We Want From It?

Now I know this is a running joke in the gaming community. If Dark Souls 2 is so good, where’s Dark Souls 2 two? The same joke has been applied to Overwatch in many instances. I’m talking about arguments comparing Overwatch to Team Fortress. Team Fortress 2, a game with two parts. Overwatch is currently still going for the long mile. Whether it be in the pro league, seasonal events or multiplayer itself. Taking all that into account, is Overwatch 2 a possibility?

Rest assured ladies and gentlemen this is no joke. I do have a few reasons to believe we will see an Overwatch 2. Not soon though. It might not even be called that, it could be a spin-off.

This was a source from Kotaku that claimed the fabled game. They added that we would see Overwatch 2 get revealed at Blizzcon 2019, which is November. Hopefully, it doesn’t pan out to be another out of season April fool’s joke am I right?

We’ve also seen reports in the past about what Overwatch once intended to be. An MMO with PvE elements, before being turned into a competitive shooter. Could Overwatch 2 be more true to the original vision?

Looking at Blizzard’s formula in the past, it’s a possible outcome. A lot of their games have had sequels. Starcraft 2 came out while its predecessor was still active. The same goes for the Diablo games, including *ahem* Diablo Immortal.

Thing is the sequels did bring more to the table in features and visuals. How would Overwatch do the same justice for its predecessor? It’s hard to tell given the time the game came out in 2016. It’s still very active to this day.

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Believe it or not, there’s still content worth mentioning. The most prominent one is a piece I’ll take from Titanfall 2. Titanfall was once a multiplayer only game. One that set quite a heavy precedent for FPS games today. The combination of parkour and shooting was quite impactful, but what did the sequel do differently? They added a single-player campaign.

Think about it for a second. Not completely single-player, but a campaign mode. One of my biggest complaints about the current Overwatch is how it doesn’t use its lore. The game has tonnes of story and setting to capitalize on. The ancient story-telling of the Shimada dragons or the Big Hero 6 vibe of Shooting Star.

Even if the game doesn’t add new characters, enhanced gameplay mechanics of existing ones would be cool. Even better if they’re utilized in the story. Such as Dva’s limitless flight for one. Imagine how different every arc would be.

Dva would be like an Ace Combat segment, Lucio’s could be Jet Set Radio. Genji could get the Ninja Gaiden treatment, so on so forth. Sometimes there can be missions combining the different characters and abilities.

Of course, the game should have multiplayer too. That’s something I come up short on ideas for. I mean how can they expand into Overwatch 2. They already expand often enough with the current Overwatch updates.

That’s another issue about the community. I’m certain people won’t even want an Overwatch 2. They’re still sharing their frustrations with the existing game. Of course, opinions are subjective. Everybody has their own take on the game’s balance. We all know none of these suggestions are absolute. Except for mine of delete Moira.

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Right, I’m trailing off. My point originally was that making Overwatch 2 isn’t the most strategic decision. Especially because developing that would mean they’re neglecting this game. The game which a lot of people are still playing.

Overwatch was sort of an experiment on Blizzard’s part. They didn’t dabble in first-person arena shooters before. Overwatch was successful to them on many regards. Whether it was on the grounds of gameplay, pro-league or even representation. If there’s one thing video game corporations love, it’s a successful franchise. If Overwatch could turn into that, why wouldn’t they develop Overwatch 2?

Rainbow Six is another example I’ll reference right now. Rainbow Six Siege had a seasonal mode during an event called Outbreak. This pulled you out of the hyper-realistic Siege setting and threw zombies in the mix. Now instead of making a sequel, they just made a spin-off game. Rainbow Six Quarantine. This is why I have reason to believe Overwatch 2 is a spin-off, not a sequel.

I suppose we’ll know the answer this November at Blizzcon 2019.