Mordhau Toxicity Presents A Problem When Devs Won’t Step Up To Moderate

Lots of people by know Mordhau, a medieval combat simulator that has become the beloved Chivalry replacement despite that game having a sequel announced at E3. However, with such a rapid growth of players there also comes the problem of Mordhau toxicity, something that Triternion, the developer, is failing to address.

Toxocity in video games, including racism, sexism, and homophobia, is becoming an increasingly large problem these days, with many popular multiplayer games having players that enjoy posting inflammatory comments in the in-game chat. Mordhau, unfortunately, is no exception.

The game’s official forums are apparently inundated with these sorts of players, complaining about the fact that you can make characters with darker skin tones along with being upset that Triternion apparently has plans to include women in the character customization.

While some of this has a root in realism (since minorities in Middle Age Europe were much rarer than they are today), a lot of it is inflammatory troll posting, the kind that has ruined various other games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, and more.

To make this worse, however, is the fact that Triternion seems to be completely unwilling to step in and deal with this. At the same time, however, Triternion is an indie game studio whose original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare loveletter ballooned in size overnight.

However, Triternion is apparently more worried about being seen as being censors instead of making their game be a fun environment for everyone. Players on the game’s subreddit are regularly complaining about Mordhau toxicity, telling stories about how the in-game chat is constantly filled with vitriol that is never addressed.

Mordhau doesn’t even have a reporting system, and the process is mainly to take a screenshot of the offending message and post it on the game’s Discord and hope for the best. It all comes back to an increasing subset of gamers today who believe that games are becoming too “political” when they’re allowed to place women or minorities into the game as characters, or even do things like be anti-Nazi in Wolfenstein.

There were even rumors floating around that the devs were intending to create sliders and tick-boxes that would prevent characters that were not Caucasian from being seen in the game, though Triternion has since dashed that rumor as a whole.

Hopefully Mordhau toxicity will be brought under control in the future, but if it isn’t and the community continues to drive players away, Chivalry 2 may end up becoming a worthy competitor to Mordhau after all.