Fire Emblem Black Eagle House Detailed In New Character Trailer

Fire Emblem: Three Houses, the latest Fire Emblem game, will be coming to the NIntendo Switch later this month. Now, Nintendo has released a Fire Emblem Black Eagle house trailer, introducing players to one of the three houses in the game and the characters you’ll be seeing while you play.

The Black Eagle House is one of three houses at the Officers Academy where the game takes place. Composed of students from the Adrestian Empire, one of the three countries on the continent of F√≥dlan, the house is led by Adrestia’s future Empress, Edelgard.

Alongside the Black Eagles are the other two houses, corresponding to two other countries full of future leaders. The Blue Lions come from the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, and are led by its future King, Prince Dimitri. The Golden Deer come from the Leicester Alliance, and are led by Claude.

Players take on the role of a teacher at the Officer Academy, where you will pledge loyalty to one house and guide the students in it through their classes at the school in order to make them better fighters and leaders.

The Fire Emblem Black Eagle house trailer introduces a number of new characters too, all of whom are part of Black Eagle. This includes Edelgard’s manservant Hubert, Adrestian vassal princess Petra, constantly napping Linhardt, and many others that we don’t get to see.

The Blue Lions and Golden Deer will likely have similar trailers that allow you to become introduced to a number of their own colorful characters as well. While we don’t know much about what the game’s plot will be, it’s likely that whichever House you side with will be important later in the story.

Either way, you’ll be able to experience Fire Emblem: Three Houses when the game releases on July 26 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. To see the Fire Emblem Black Eagles house trailer for yourself, you can follow this link.