“RageSquid” And “No More Robots” Openly Tell Players To Pirate Their Games

G2A, a controversial online store has come under fire yet again, and this time, the heat is coming from Descenders developer RageSquid and No More Robots.

Mike Rose founder of No More Robots, expressed his rage towards G2A and told fans to pirate their games instead of buying them from G2A.

“We make zero money on our games if people buy through the ads,” Rose tweeted, before adding and showing that it is impossible for users to turn the ads off.

Companies can pay Google to put their ads on the search page whenever someone googles a search term. As Rose’s video shows, these ads are paid by G2A. G2A is a digital marketplace, an online store that specializes in selling videogames and game keys. These are oftentimes sold at a considerably lower price.

G2A is considered to be very shady because on several occasions it turned out that some game keys were illegal or acquired through non-legal means. Another interesting thing is that when you type G2A on Google, the first search suggestion you get is “Is G2A Legit?”, and the answer is sort of yes and no.

Simply put, there are people on the internet that mass sell game keys for cheaper prices. G2A is known to buy large amounts of these keys for lower rates and then sell those on their website for higher rates. This ends up costing developers like RageSquid and publishing companies like No More Robots.

“Please, if you’re going to buy a game from G2A, just pirate it instead. Genuinely. Devs don’t see a penny either way, so we’re much rather G2A didn’t see money either,” added Rose in a later Tweet.

Rose also claims that G2A paid several game streamers to read the company’s allegedly false statements, “explaining why they’re not evil” as a preventive measure against Rose’s Tweets.

RageSquid, the developing studio behind Descenders, retweeted Rose’s Tweet, advising players to simply pirate their games instead of buying them through G2A—a clear sign of protest from the studio.

Vlambeer founder, Rami Ismail, straight-up advised everyone to pirate the games instead of buying them from G2A because it actually ends up costing the company instead of a profit.


Shady practices like G2A’s are quite harmful to the gaming community as a whole. Not only they end up costing consumers but it also does a lot of damage to game developers. Furthermore, when ads show up forcing consumers to buy from someone running a monopoly and when streamers and influencers are paid off to say nice things about them, it is a very bad thing indeed.

This isn’t the first time G2A has come under fire for its shady practices too. In the past, indie developer tinyBuild reported that G2A sold nearly half a million-dollar worth of its games, but tinyBuild did not receive a single cent from it. G2A also played a big role when Valve didn’t allow players to gift CS: GO during 2016’s Steam Summer Sale.

Right now, G2A hasn’t officially made a statement or offered up an explanation but we can expect them to respond to Rose and RageSquid soon. Let’s wait and see what happens.