New Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter Features and Fixes Coming

Even though Fallout 76 itself wasn’t received well by fans at all, its Battle Royale mode “Nuclear Winter” was met with a lot of positivity. Originally detailed at E3 2019, Nuclear Winter’s beta launched last month. Nuclear Winter is still in its beta and has received continued updates and patches. According to Bethesda, Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter will continue to receive more updates and improvements for balance, perk duplicates, and stability in the coming months.

In a post made on Fallout’s website, Bethesda shared details about the upcoming changes in Fallout 76: Nuclear Winter fans can expect to see in upcoming patches/updates.

According to Bethesda, even though Nuclear Winter was something that was different from the Fallout formula, the studio embraced the idea of Battle Royale while staying true to what Fallout is. While the previous patch update 10.5 addressed several bugs and stability issues in Fallout 76, Bethesda says they will make massive improvements to Fallout 76 and Nuclear Winter with future updates in patch 11.0.

According to Bethesda’s post, the studio will be working on three major improvements in Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter Battle Royale mode:

Balance Adjustments: In Nuclear Winter, everyone starts on a level playing field. Maintaining that fairness is very important to us, especially as players gain access to a wider variety of Perk Cards by ranking up, and throughout each match, as players get their hands on the many weapons that can appear in-game. With this in mind, we’re currently looking to address a few balance issues for a number of weapons and Perk Cards (And yes, that includes Frog Legs.)

Duplicate Perk Rewards: We’ve heard feedback from some players who feel they’re receiving too many duplicate Perk Cards as Overseer Rank-Up rewards. We’re looking into these reports and we are currently discussing ways we can make improvements to this experience going forward.

Stability: Patch 10.5 brought a number of stability improvements to the game, but we’re not done yet! As with the main game, we’re continually working to address crashes and improve server performance whenever possible to reduce the likelihood of unexpected interruptions during your play sessions.

Bethesda will reveal more details on what’s in store for Nuclear Winter update patch 11.0. Right now, Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter seems very promising. Even though it is not quite at the level of other Battle Royale games like Fortnite, PUBG, or Apex Legends, if Bethesda can keep it up, Nuclear Winter will be very successful in the future.

Fallout 76’s Nuclear Winter (beta) mode is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.