The Nosferatu Aren’t Playable In Bloodlines 2, But You Can Still Eat Vermin

In an interview with Troika games, we asked questions about Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2. One of them was about which clans and builds we can have access. The Nosferatu were one group we grew familiar with in the original Bloodlines. Their ability to live off vermin was unique. It allowed players to play from an underdog perspective. While the Nosferatu isn’t playable in Bloodlines 2, they do exist. We can also still consume vermin.

While Nosferatu are not one of the 5 playable clans available at launch, there are Nosferatu characters in the game. Players will meet them. But munching on vermin isn’t limited to Nosferatu. If players see a rat scurrying around, they can pick it up and chow down to receive a small amount of blood.

So this brings into discussion the amount of RPG diversity Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2 will have. Your abilities and characters aren’t restricted to the clan you choose. Instead, you only get a genetic advantage with that choice.

It’s like how Skyrim works with their races and skill trees. In Bloodlines 2, you can join the Brujah, a group of brawler vampires. Ones that are naturally strong. However, you can choose to be an intelligent or even aristocratic Brujah.

You might also be able to choose a high-class fancy clan of vampires. Despite that, you can occasionally resort to munching on rats and vermin to get blood. Depends on the situation and what you’re role-playing as.

While not playable, the Nosferatu are in the game. That has been confirmed so expect meeting Nosferatu NPCs. Maybe that’s where we will be acquiring the skill to eat vermin. It could be a lesson taught by one of their members as something to use in an emergency situation for example.