Super Mario Maker 2 Becomes Nintendo’s Biggest Launch In UK For 2019

According to’s Christopher Dring, Super Mario Maker 2 sales are going extremely well, the game is Nintendo’s biggest launch in the UK in 2019 after beating New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe.

Super Mario Maker 2 released just a few days ago on the Nintendo Switch and it seems the game is already dominating Nintendo’s charts, becoming 2019’s biggest launch in the UK. This comes from a series of Tweets made by Christopher Dring, a writer/journalist from

According to Dring, Super Mario Maker 2 was so well received by fans that it has become Nintendo’s biggest launch in 2019 (so far) in the United Kingdom. It has beaten New Super Mario Bros. U which was formally number one on the list.

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled which was at number one on the charts last week is now down at number two with a 48% drop in sales. In his article on, Dring also details that Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night saw an increase 60% in sales which allowed it to climb from No.17 to No.9 on the charts. Here is the full chart below:

Super Mario Maker 2 has been met with very positive reviews so far and the sales are also going quite well. It is likely Super Mario Maker 2 will stay at the top for a few more weeks.

Even though the original Super Mario Maker provided plenty of creative tools for fans to create things from their own imagination, Super Mario Maker 2 ramps things up in the tools department. Super Mario Maker 2 offers a large variety of assets and a course theme based on Super Mario 3D World as well as a local and online multiplayer mode.

Super Mario Maker 2 is a side-scrolling platform game and game creation system developed by Nintendo, you can get the game now for Nintendo Switch.