Final Fantasy 14 TV Show In The Works, Sony And Hivemind At The Helm

Sony and Hivemind have announced that a Final Fantasy 14 TV show is apparently in the works, bringing viewers to the world of Eorzea while telling a story separate from the one being shown in the Final Fantasy 14 game. Along with that, many series staples like the setting’s Cid, and chocobos, will be visible.

Final Fantasy 14 takes place in a world on the brink of disaster, as the free countries of Eorzea fight a war against the ever-expanding, technologically-advanced Garlean Empire, while also attempting to prevent the Primals, giant avatars of nature, from awakening and destroying the world.

Exactly what sort of story we’ll be seeing in the actual Final Fantasy 14 TV show will remain to be seen, however. There’s no guarantee that the show’s characters will be participating in the war, or exactly what they’ll be doing, whether it will be a series about adventure, political intrigue, or otherwise.

Considering that Hivemind is also helping to create the Witcher series that will soon be premiering on Netflix, there’s a good amount of hope that the show will be good, but the quality of the Witcher series has yet to be determined.

There’s also a great deal of things in Final Fantasy that might not translate well to a television show, both in a large number of the enemies and the magitek that the Garlean Empire uses in war. How it will come out, it seems, will depend on Hivemind and Sony.

For now, however, the Final Fantasy 14 TV show is still in very early development, so it will be a good while before we actually see anything about it in the form of a trailer or production photos.

In the meantime, if you play Final Fantasy 14, the new Shadowbringers expansion will be coming out on July 2, so be prepared for all the new content you’ll experience.