E3 2019 Awards Announced By Critics, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Cleans Up

The time has finally come when critics from across the gaming scene announce their picks for the E3 2019 awards, telling us what games they believed fit the various categories. Unsurprisingly for such a highly-anticipated game, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake from Square Enix ended up cleaning house, winning multiple awards.

Final Fantasy 7 was the frontrunner in Square Enix’s conference, which also included a variety of remakes and remasters with things like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles, Final Fantasy 8, and the “Trials of Mana” Pack, which included multiple games from the Secret of Mana franchise.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake did show off a good amount of gameplay that differed substantially from the original, however, making use of the Final Fantasy 15 combat system (with a few changes), showing off a boss fight with Barret and Cloud, Tifa gameplay, and giving us a glimpse of everyone’s favorite katana-wielding, long-haired super soldier, Sephiroth.

This presentation caused critics this year to give a number of the E3 2019 awards to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, including Best of Show, Best Console Game, and Best RPG. The only other game to take multiple awards home was id Software’s Doom Eternal, which one won Best PC Game and Best Action Game.

Final Fantasy 7 is seen as one of the best video games of all time, so it’s not really a surprise that people think so highly of it, especially when the remake looks as good as it’s been advertised and has a huge amount of new content promised.

There’s so much new content, in fact, that the entire segment of the game that takes place in Midgar is going to be the first part of a multi-release game. This means that we’ll likely not only get everything that was in the original game, but a huge amount of new content as well.

Either way, we’ll see just how big the game is and how much Final Fantasy 7 Remake deserved all those E3 2019 awards when the game releases on March 3 of 2020.