Microsoft is the Reason Why Final Fantasy 14 is Not Coming to Xbox One

Game director Naoki Yoshida has finally explained why Final Fantasy 14 is not available on Xbox One yet. According to Yoshida, Microsoft is not allowing cross-play for the famous MMO.

For those who don’t know, Final Fantasy 14 is one of the most famous MMO games available in the world on PS4 and PC. However, strangely the game never made its way to Xbox One and Xbox owners have always asked why.

Naoki Yoshida told Wccftech that he spoke to Xbox boss Phil Spencer about the game and told him that they “prepared to do cross-play any any time.” But Unfortunately, Microsoft is not budging because of its own rules about cross-play.

Yoshida explained that Microsoft has two conditions that prevent Final Fantasy XIV from coming to Xbox One. Apparently, Microsoft has a rule to not allow players to chat with people on other platforms. Second, Microsoft has a rule which doesn’t allow players to create or join guilds across platforms. Without these aforementioned things, it’s impossible to play an MMO according to Yoshida.

I would like to have Microsoft change their regulations. For an MMORPG, a game which full communication is possible, regulations need to be created considering how massive an MMORPG is to have true crossplay FFXIV will not release crossplay without making this clear because that would only hurt the players. I think we can only try to continue having our discussions with those parties.

In short, Final Fantasy XIV is using cross-play support to keep the community united which is why the game is available on PS4 and PC but not on Nintendo or Xbox. Hopefully, Microsoft will change its regulations to allow in-game chat and cross-platform clubs to pave a way for Final Fantasy XIV on Xbox One.

However, what’s odd is the fact that Microsoft has always proved to be the most supporting company when it comes to cross-platform. Microsoft has always encouraged everyone to bring cross-platform support to games, unlike Sony who was accused of coming in the way of cross-platform on PlayStation 4.

After all, we do have some hope that FF14 will make its way to Xbox One in the future. Square Enix has made it clear that they plan to support the game for a long time. Keeping that in mind, it’s possible that we will get to play Final Fantasy 14 on Microsoft’s Next Xbox called Xbox Scarlett.

Meanwhile, Final Fantasy XIV continues to receive new expansions and updates. Final Fantasy XIV servers went offline yesterday before the arrival of 5.0 Update.

Latest Final Fantasy XIV update adds two new cities to the game including The Crystarium and Eulmore along with new field areas such as akeland, Kholusia, Amh Araeng, Il Mheg, and The Rak’tika Greatwood. Interested players can read full patch notes of Final Fantasy XIV update from Final Fantasy blog.

We will let you guys know first whenever Square Enix decides to bring Final Fantasy 14 to Xbox One.