Sony Promises Improved PlayStation Now Service for PlayStation 5

Streaming has become popular in different forms of media. The current generation prefers to stream than to own. Whether it be movies or shows, hence these services like Netflix and Hulu are so popular. Now video gaming is leaning towards the streaming side. PlayStation Now is Sony’s take on the phenomenon. Sony promises to push PlayStation now even further beyond on the PlayStation 5.

PlayStation Now has been around for a while. It used to only housed PlayStation 3 games to stream. It’s now started pushing onto the more current games as well as upcoming ones. The PlayStation Now didn’t have the same impact that the Xbox Game Pass had. The game pass is often considered as the Netflix of gaming.

The competitive aspect of Xbox vs PlayStation may be why Sony is pushing the PlayStation Now. The plans they have seem to be in store for the PlayStation 5.

Until the PlayStation Now service offers new games instead of old ones, it can’t compete with Xbox. At most, it’ll become a nostalgic revisit station at most. Not a proper streaming service for games. Plus in a world of emulators and collectible consoles, who would pay to play ten year old games again?

This is why the confidence Sony has in the PlayStation Now suggests big plans. The PlayStation 5 will most likely feature currently available and new releases in the PlayStation Now. Ubisoft has taken a step forward with their streaming service by including unreleased games. This gave the subscription a hint of exclusivity, making it more priority.

We already know bits and pieces of what Sony plans to do. There’s the whole promise about the next chapter of Cinematic story-telling. Expect more award-winning God of War sequels and Last of Us continuations.

Those could also be available on the new and improved PlayStation Now. Whenever it comes out, that is. It’s also unsure if Sony plans to improve the service on the PlayStation 4 as well.