Modern Warfare Gameplay Reveal Coming On 4th of July?

We’re in the annual Call of Duty season. Expect a lot of outlandish theories like the one I’m about to share right now. A certain Tweet might have leaked when we could see Modern Warfare gameplay. My theory is that we’ll see it on the 4th of July.

That’s because of this image.

Ashton Williams is an employee at Infinity Ward, the company behind Modern Warfare. While we have a release date set for August, we haven’t seen any gameplay outside of a trailer. The Modern Warfare trailer was cinematic, not involving gameplay.

Her use of the word “just” had four U’s in it. Since the Modern Warfare release date is August, it can be 4 months. 4 days maybe? 4th of July is the most plausible theory.

The American day of independence is the best marketing opportunity to showcase a Call of Duty game. Call of Duty is one of the most American games out there. Modern Warfare is no exception to the case.

We know the game is playable. A demo of it was given to some NFL players during a private party. Whether it was an old build or a recent one is unknown. The close release date implies that we could see Modern Warfare gameplay soon.

Infinity Ward has been teasing several elements about the game. Things like how gritty and realistic it is. The latter is a new twist on the franchise which has always been an arcade shooter.

There’s also the topic of how gritty it can be. I doubt we’ll ever see missions like No Russian in today’s political climate. Either way, some showcase of Modern Warfare gameplay would be nice.

Infinity Ward keeps up the trend of a Call of Duty game releasing every year. 2019 won’t be any different. Other than giving an old trilogy a comeback, of course.