Low-Budget Duplicate Dr Disrespect Goes Viral on Twitch

While the popular Twitch streamer deals with his ban, a new challenger approaches. A challenger in the form of Dr DipsRespect. A new Dr Disrespect impostor making a name for himself on Twitch. I guess people are buying into it as well to occupy themselves until the Twitch ban lifts.

To give this story more context, Dr DisRespect was banned by Twitch. The ban was on the grounds of violating a platform policy by filming himself in a public bathroom. The incident was one of the headlines surrounding E3.

While we’re unsure of how long the Doctor is out of Twitch, we have DipsRespect. He’s an impostor/low budget DisRespect for people that need Doc’s content. This isn’t because he plays PUBG and rages similarly.

It’s more to do with the fact that he’s adopted Dr Disrespect’s entire persona. This includes the attire, mullet, glasses, and headset. His channel even has a similar vibe and theme.

Watch I Went Viral Today…. || Fake DrDisrespect banned from the bathroom! from DrDipsrespect on www.twitch.tv

The traits that set him aside besides being a different person are the glasses and facial hair. His glasses aren’t the same prototype as Doc and he lacks the signature stash. Still, he passes off for a good alternate skin of sorts.

Another non physical difference is in achievements. Of course, the impersonator doesn’t have the same feats as Doc. Instead, Dr DipsRespect prides himself on spelling bees. Not victories in them, but rather participation. He calls his fans by a similar name, participants.

The intent behind his impersonation seems to be in good fun. It’s hard to tell whether or not Doc will find it funny or personal. We’re not even sure if he knows about the impersonator’s existence currently.

Will Dr DipsRespect maintain the fanbase he’s gained after Doc comes back? That’s assuming Doc even comes back. The imposed Twitch ban didn’t confirm anything. All we can speculate is 30 days since this is the only time he’s violated a policy.

Source: Twitch