Gears 5 Takes Inspiration from Mad Max Fury Road, Kait Playable Throughout?

The Coalition boss Rod Fergusson has finally explained how Gears 5 takes inspiration from the movie Mad Max Fury Road. In a recent interview with IGN, Rod Fergusson also confirmed that the story of Gears 4 was also inspired by Mad Max Fury Road, a movie which was a huge success just like the game.

According to Rod Fergusson, Gears 4 told the story of Kait Diaz more even though JD Fenix was the playable character in the game. Now that’s similar to what we saw in Mad Max Fury Road as the movie’s story was really about Furiosa while Max was the main character of the movie.

Mad Max: Fury Road was really Furiosa’s story, and Mad Max was the facilitator of her story. That’s what we did with Gears of War 4. It was really Kait’s story about saving her mom, and JD was there to facilitate it,” Fergusson told IGN.

In the case of Gears 5, The Coalition decided to change things a bit by telling the story of Kait. “It’s actually more impactful to live the story than to watch the story. So rather than being JD watching Kait go through a bunch of stuff, why not be Kait and go through it yourself,” Fergusson said.

Does that mean Kait is going to be the playable character throughout Gears of War 5 or we will see players taking control of multiple characters? The Coalition hasn’t confirmed that yet.

Gears 5 is scheduled to release on September 10, 2019, for Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. It’s obvious that the game will make its way to Xbox Scarlett, which is scheduled to release in 2020. Gears of War 5 can also turn out to be one of the launch titles for Next-Xbox. Phil Spencer recently mentioned that the company is not thinking about bringing Gears 5 to PlayStation 4 as Xbox Scarlett is currently their main priority.

Interested players in Gears of War 5 can now pre-order the game to receive some bonus items. Gears of War 5 pre-order editions include Gears 5 Standard Edition, Gears 5 Ultimate Edition and Gears 5 Collector’s Edition.

Those who pre-order Gears of War 5 will receive the following bonus items.

  • Exclusive NCOG Marine Lancer weapon skin
  • Early disc versions of the game will come with the Terminator Dark Fate Character Pack, featuring Sarah Connor and the T-800 from the film
  • Vector Lancer Skin
  • Access to the Gears 5 Tech Test
  • 7 Days boost
  • Early Access to the game if you pre-order Gears 5 with Xbox Game Pass

As for Gears 5 Ultimate Edition, it comes with the following items.


  • Steelbook case
  • Gears 5 Sticker


  • 4 days early access to the game
  • Terminator: Dark Fate Character Pack
    30 days Boost

Gears 5 is the latest entry in Gears of War series developed by The Coalition and published by Xbox Game Studios.