Pete Hines Grateful for Fallout 76 Fans Who Weren’t “Swayed” by Negativity

Pete Hines commented on how much The Elder Scrolls Online had influenced Fallout 76. And it is a lot! During the interview with, Hines discussed what the Bethesda team learned. Especially from the release and ongoing support of The Elder Scrolls MMO.

He was grateful for the fans who “stuck to their guns and weren’t swayed by people”. Hines continued by describing the experience Bethesda had from Elder Scrolls Online:

we as a marketing, community and PR team try and take a lot of what we learned working on ESO and came to them with things that we think we ought to do that we’re not doing

Inside the Vaults, which are Bethesda’s Fallout 76 updates, are released with this in mind and the way patch notes are approached is just different to the way they’ve done patch notes before. The company is trying to offer more transparency and communication.

In line with that goal is being more visible than they used to be in the Bethesda Game Studios threads, forums and subreddits. Using that experience for Fallout 76, Hines talked about how changes have to be made. Elder Scrolls Online underwent some pretty fundamental changes because they had realized that it couldn’t succeed the way they had envisioned it.

They have to adapt to what players are saying. Bethesda Game Studios has taken a page out of that notebook and said, ‘Well alright, we’re going to continue to listen and figure out what people want more of.”

The continued support for ESO “improved the value and the commitment, particularly for those who have stayed with us from the start, right?

These fans are far from few; they been there for Bethesda not only when they were dealing with problems and issues, but also stuck with them when everyone was piling criticism on the studio for Fallout 76, according to Pete Hines.