YouTuber Etika Dead Of Suicide At 29 Following Days-Long Search By NYPD

YouTuber Desmond Amofah, known to his fans and most internet denizens as Etika, was found dead today of apparent suicide several days after releasing a video to his channel apologizing to his fans before disappearing. He was 29, and had been missing since last Wednesday when he first posted the video.

Amofah made his mark on YouTube by being a Super Smash Bros player, along with creating various over-the-top reaction videos to Smash-related announcement. His reactions eventually became memetic and used for all sorts of joke videos.

However, months ago, Etika began showing various signs of mental instability, which included multiple confrontations with the law. He apparently pushed away multiple people who offered him help, expressing regret for doing so during his final video.

His final video concerned fans when it was first posted due to reading like a suicide note, as he apologized to all of his fans, claimed he wasn’t suicidal “before”, and said that it was too late for him because the walls were closing in too fast on him, and he always took things too far.

Following the posting of the video Etika then disappeared, with various concerned followers calling the New York City Police Department over concerns for his health. Several days ago, some of Etika’s possessions were found around the Manhattan Bridge, but his body wasn’t found until today.

Prior to the announcement there was significant debate over whether or not he was actually suicidal or if it was another controversial fake video of his. His death was announced by the NYPD on their Twitter page, and set out a wave of grief for many of his fans.

If you or someone you know is suffering from the same sort of depression that Etika went through, please call your local suicide hotline and seek counseling. You may think that the world won’t miss you, but they will.