NBA 2K19 Now Features Unskippable Video Ads

NBA 2K19 loading screens are now ad real-estate it seems. According to numerous reports online and video evidence, NBA 2K19 fans are served video ads during loading screens. This is one of the rare cases where unskippable video ads are served to players in a AAA $60 game. Ads are nothing new to AAA games, especially sports games.

Titles like FIFA, NFL, NBA serve ads to its users but unskippable video ads are taking things too far. The idea is that while the player is waiting for the game to load, why serve ads? Since NBA fans aren’t as vocal about such issues these ads may have gone unnoticed by the media; If only they were skippable.

In fact, even if the game loads the ad won’t skip itself until the video is over. It is evident by the following image in which you can see the “Game Loaded” yet the ad continues with no option to skip. Such ads are usually seen in free to play mobile games.

Fans are not happy at all as evident by this Reddit post. When the issue hit the official subreddit of the game one of the moderators had to respond and seemed surprised at this himself. According to the mod, this could just be a bug but if not there is a way to turn it off, he said.

Hi everyone, I am not in range of consistent internet and just came online to this chaos. It’s been a hell of a week.

I cannot confirm myself; can others confirm that this ad is truly unskippable? Meaning, if the game is done loading it still makes you finish the ad? If so, I’ll reach out to 2K to at least confirm this isn’t a bug. If it’s not a bug, I doubt I have any power over things being changed.

In the meantime, turn 2KTV off in the main menu settings. 2KTV is over for the season anyway and if you want to watch it for the VC you can always go directly to its section in the game

2K Games is yet to release an official statement about the video ads. But at some point, the company must respond to the backlash. It is ironic that the first thing we hear in the video ad is “don’t be greedy.” Maybe 2K should take the advice from its own ad.

The ad is from a new FOX crime series called “SNOWFALL.”

Image Credit: FOX