Microsoft Is Focusing On Scarlett, Don’t Expect Gears 5 On PlayStation 4 Right Now

In a recent interview with Kotaku, executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft, Phil Spencer, spoke a bit about the future for Xbox, the recently announced Sony and Microsoft collaboration, and whether he’d ever want to bring Gears of War (Gears 5) to PlayStation 4.

During the interview, when whether if Microsoft and Xbox would be selling Gears on the PS4 this September, Spencer responded by saying:

I think the experience we bring to the family room with Xbox and focusing on things like compatibility and focusing on things like cross-play is actually important to where we see gaming growing, which is why we are focused on consoles and spending a ton of money and resources investing in Scarlett. The same thing on PC.

The Gears of War franchise has, of course, remained exclusive to console and PC for quite a while now. Gears 5 could mean a lot for both Microsoft and Sony if it comes to PlayStation 4. As Spencer has said that right now the focus is towards the next-gen Xbox console, Project Scarlet, so right now Gears 5 coming to PS4 isn’t a priority for the company.

Spencer elaborated by saying:

“So, today, people are saying: “Are you going third party?” Whatever that means. But the idea that we are a platform company continues to be true, and we think about how that platform infrastructure could grow. And we think having the world’s most powerful console, having a great Xbox in the home, is a critical component to that.”

Right now Microsoft is focusing on growing its gaming infrastructure with the Project Scarlet, backward compatibility, Project xCloud and more. So if all that goes well, Microsoft might consider releasing Gears 5 on other platforms like PlayStation 4.

According to a recently leaked Microsoft document, The Coalition’s Gears 5 will run at 4K resolution at 60 FPS and will have HDR options on Xbox One and PC.

Gears 5 is an upcoming third-person shooter video game being developed by The Coalition that and published by Xbox Game Studios with a release date for September 10, 2019.