Fire Emblem: Three Houses DLC Confirmed With Amiibo Compatibility

It won’t be long before we see the release of Fire Emblem: Three Houses, as we only have just over a month to go before it’s available to purchase for Nintendo Switch.

However, speculation around the game has revolved around the size of the game and whether fans will choose to buy a physical copy or download it digitally.

Recently, a new revelation has appeared, unveiling Three Houses’ file size. A Japanese download card for the game has been leaked online, not yet available in Japanese stores.

The card shows that a digital download will take up 11.9GB of space. Although this is in the Japanese region, western versions should either be the same, if not slightly larger from any localisation additions.

fire emblem three houses

The card also revealed to have Amiibo compatibility, and although no new Amiibo for Three Houses has been announced yet, older amiibos can be used in some form for this game.

As well as amiibo support, there will also be new DLC available for Three Houses in a number of forms such as new missions, equipment, paralogues and character outfits. An active Nintendo Switch Online subscription will also be required for some of the game’s features, though details of this are minimal at the moment. However, from what’s been gathered so far, online activities should be secondary.

Apart from its size and DLC available once its released, what will Three Houses have to offer as a game itself for Nintendo Switch? From what’s been reported so far, new Fire Emblem game will exhibit many new mechanics never seen in previous games.

It will also be set in a military academy setting presenting three different houses – The Black Eagles, The Blue Lions and The Golden Deer. It’ll certainly be a unique approach to the game, as well as a new gaming experience for fans.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses will officially launch on Nintendo Switch on July 26th in all regions. We hope you have enough space for it!