Miyazaki Reflects On Smooth Partnership With George RR Martin for Elden Ring

Elden Ring is the latest upcoming game From Software has confirmed. The game was a result of the collaboration between Hidetaka Miyazaki and George RR Martin. You know both as the creator of Dark Souls and writer of Game of Thrones respectively. In an interview with IGN, Miyazaki reflected on how the partnership went for the two.

He spoke about how smooth it was working with Mr. Martin. This is because he wrote the lore for the game and not the actual story. Mr. Miyazaki felt that if George was only restricted to the story, it would’ve limited him. Thus to maximize his creativity, he gave him a blank slate.

As we’ve been told, Elden Ring is heavily inspired by Dark Souls. Not necessarily by story, but by gameplay and mechanics. This includes the way the story will be presented to us. The Dark Souls games have always left the story and lore up to interpretation. The story is in the environment around you and the item descriptions.

While there are events that the game follows, a bigger chunk of knowledge surrounding the land has to be found. Considering Elden Ring is set in a vast open-world, expect more of that. An expansion on the type of exploration we’ve had in Dark Souls. Even more open-ended movement allowed.

Every storyline we see built upon the lore and setting will be Miyazaki’s work. The world, setting and lore backing up these stories will be Martin’s work, however. This From Software Game of Thrones crossover is sure to be something to look forward to.

George is a relatively high profile celebrity. So this is a fresh take on the trope Rockstar Established about not getting along with A-listers.

Another precedent this collaboration is going against is the Witcher author debacle. Then again, the Metro author did get along with the games made on his books. So it’s not entirely something new to see.

Elden Ring release date remains unconfirmed. Expect it on the next Gen since From Software just recently released Sekiro Shadows Die Twice.

Source: IGN