Dip In Fortnite Revenue Doesn’t Look Good For The Epic Games Store Strategy

Fortnite has been the Epic Games front runner for a while. It’s the one hit wonder that pushed the company to a new height. It also indirectly led to the mad dash for an online monopoly with the Epic Games store. Could a recent study in declining Fortnite revenue mean we might see the dash end?

While Fortnite does remain the king of Battle Royales with a good amount of revenue, it may not last. This is because the game hasn’t made as much revenue as it could have peaked till.

Why is this bad for Epic Games though? It may not look that way right now, but it will definitely sting down the line. This is because of the Epic Games strategy of buying off developers to make their games Epic exclusives. It isn’t cheap to do so. Especially with the bigger titles like Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus.

These games easily would have cost millions to make exclusive. While it has created a divide in the PC gaming community, it’s not a competitive divide.

Rather, it’s more of a divide to people being okay with it or hating Epic games. Some have even resorted to methods as low as piracy.

Since Fortnite is the main money making machine of Epic Games, the lack of revenue could lead to bankrupcy down the line. If not that, it will definitely take buying off developers out of the question. The only way Epic Games could recover in the store race is by making their client better. That might not be happening anytime soon.

A plausible reason for the dip in Fortnite revenue can be credited to Apex Legends. Apex Legends was another free battle royale game made by Respawn Entertainment. While it didn’t dethrone Fortnite, it definitely hampered it along the way.

How long till Epic Games can no longer fund their strategy of paying video game developers for exclusives? Developers are starting to get the idea.

Source: McVuk