Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Have Enhanced Features For Faster Progression

In an interview with Famitsu magazine, Final Fantasy series’ director Yoshinori Kitase talked extensively about what kind of enhanced features Square Enix is adding to Final Fantasy VIII Remastered to facilitate faster progression. There will also be additional features for the PC Steam version of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

According to Kitase, Square Enix is adding a triple speed mode in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered as an enhanced feature. Triple Speed Mode will make the game run at a much faster pace, about three times the regular speed. Of course, cutscenes will not be affected.

Kitase has also said that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will include a Battle Enhancements feature. These Battle Enhancements will keep all characters’ HP and ATB gauges at max and Limit Breaks will always be available for the player.

Furthermore, Kitase detailed that Final Fantasy VIII Remastered won’t have random encounters. This will allow an uninterrupted movement across maps and areas.

These enhanced features will allow the player to replay the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered’s story while keeping things simple, to the point, and with an increased pace. This, way players won’t get frustrated for the grind.

On the other hand, PC players will get to enjoy some additional features. These additional features will enable PC players to acquire all items, abilities, Limit Breaks, and triple triad cards, as well as boost GF levels, gil, and magic to maximum in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

In addition to these features, PC players will also have access to “highly customizable system setting” which can mean a handful of things. Right now, Square Enix hasn’t elaborated on this part yet.

During the interview, Kitase didn’t exactly explain why Square Enix is giving the Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Steam PC port all these features. The Features, that will not be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch versions of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered.

The original 1999 Final Fantasy VIII’s game story follows a group of students at an elite military school. The students then get wrapped up in an epic conflict with a sorceress trying to compress time. A remastered version of Final Fantasy VIII was announced during Square Enix’s E3 2019 press conference just a few months back.

Right now, there isn’t any major reveals by Square Enix. It is likely we will continue to see more information from the studios as time passes and the release date draws closer and closer.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is being developed by Square Enix with a 2019 release date for Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.