Diablo 4 News: Media Leaks And New Hirings, What Does It Mean?

Some exciting news for Diablo fans as Blizzard is hiring new developers for Diablo 4. The company went on a hiring spree earlier this year and has now posted more jobs. The company is looking for Lead Character and Concept Artists for an “unannounced Diablo” game.

The news comes from the official Blizzard website where Diablo 4 aka “unannounced Diablo” project hirings are in process. There are many jobs open at the moment but the two latest listings come around the same time as the new Diablo 4 leak.

The French media leaked Diablo 4 and the next Overwatch game in a recent news story. “Le Monde” mentioned the game in its Blizzard lay off news story. What does this mean for the upcoming Diablo game and its release date? There are multiple reports of Activision Blizzard pulling the game from BlizzCon at the last minute.

Kotaku’s Jason Sherier claims Blizzard always meant to show a demo at BlizzCon 2018 but development issues caused a change of plans. Blizzard denied this claim but Jason reports otherwise, even to this day.

Pulling Diablo 4 and introducing Diablo Immortal at the end caused a serious backlash.

Why Do We think Diablo 4 News Wil Be At BlizzCon 2019?

There are a few reasons why we think we’ll hear exciting news about Diablo 4 this year. Blizzard can not afford another poor presentation at BlizzCon. The company is struggling with its reputation and consumer trust is at an all-time low. Diablo Immortal isn’t what hardcore fans wanted after the mediocre Diablo 3. BlizzCon is Blizzard’s chance to make a comeback in our good books.

Furthermore, World Warcraft isn’t what it used to be and Activision needs something big to boost revenue. An announcement at BlizzCon will boost investor’s interest in the company. Blizzard laid off many due to cut-backs so the company needs to put its best foot forward at BlizzCon to recover.

One more mess up and Blizzard could be in a dire situation with Activision.

Last but not least, Diablo 4 release date is reportedly scheduled for 2020. The release date announcement is expected at BlizzCon 2019 alongside Diablo 4 teaser (or demo).