Which House to Choose in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Playing any Harry Potter game would bring the player to the first and initial query as to which house they are supposed to choose. From the books and movies, we know that there are four Harry Potter houses namely Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. Players might be confused as to which house they should dedicate their gameplay to in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Well, if you are a Potterhead, then you already know how the choice of the houses goes in the books and movies of Harry Potter which is done by putting the Sorting Hat over the wizards’ and the hat chooses the house for them.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite House

This is what happens in movies and books. As for the game, you are given a choice to choose your house for yourself to your liking.

One thing that I must tell you is that it does not matter. Yes, choosing a house in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite does not have any effect on the gameplay. This is a downside as you would expect the gameplay to be, if not completely then, at least a little different depending on the house which is not the case here.

The developers probably decided to make the different houses in case the players want to go in a house of their liking and play while having that house label on themselves while the rest of the game stays the same for you.

Therefore, there will not be any different cosmetics, perks, enemies or missions even if you choose a different house. The story and the gameplay will be exactly the same but at least you will have a tag of your favorite house over yourself. That is all the satisfaction you will get through!

Maybe later in the game, the developers might decide to bring some changes in the gameplay of different houses but right now, you get nothing extra.

Now, which house do you want to go to? Well, we still have a way to decide for you guys. You can decide your house depending on the qualities that you possess or the qualities that you want to possess. If you are a Harry Potter fan then you would already know the qualities of the house which are:

  • Gryffindor: Courage, Bravery, Nerve, and Chivalry
  • Ravenclaw: Intelligence, Creativity, Learning, and Wit
  • Hufflepuff: Hard Work, Patience, Justice, and Loyalty
  • Slytherin: Ambition, Cunning, Leadership, and Resourcefulness

You can decide your house depending on the qualities that you like in real life and get your game moving on.