How to Tame Deinonychus in Ark Valguero – Where to Find Deinonychus Eggs

The new Valguero map has been added to Ark: Survival Evolved. Ark Valguero features another island, covering 63 km of land and sea, eight biomes, new boss arena, and new creatures. One of these new creatures is Deinonychus and this Ark Valguero Deinonychus Taming Guide teaches you how to tame one of those.

Tame Deinonychus in Ark Valguero

Deinonychus belongs to an aggressive carnivore species of dinosaurs. The creature is similar to a Raptor with a few minor alterations in aesthetics.

When it comes to taming, the traditional method of tranquilizing and feeding does not work for this Deinonychus. This guy is tamed in a similar way as a Rock Drake. Therefore, you have to get the Deinonychus Egg and hatch it.

Locating the Deinonychus Egg can be tricky. The eggs can be found in one of the nests, located randomly on the map. Once you have located a nest, you might find an egg in there. It is a blue egg with green spots on it. Get the egg and incubate it.

In order to incubate properly, you will have to maintain its temperature. When viewing the egg, it will indicate on it whether the egg is too cold or too hot or at the right temperature. The optimal temperature for the egg is between 75-80 degree Fahrenheit or 25-26 degree Celsius.

There are several ways to increase the temperature, but the simplest way is to use one standing torch. Place a standing torch somewhere on the ground, light it up, and drop the egg near it.

The egg will continue incubating and the time remaining until it hatches will be displayed when viewing the egg. Wait for it to hatch and you will get a baby Deinonychus. It will take some time to raise it into a fully-grown one.