Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Items Locations Guide

Bloodstain: Ritual of The Night contains numerous types of items e.g. food, materials, consumables, and key items. There are many different ways to obtain these items. They may be found dispersed in multiple locations or stored in Treasure Chests. They can also be gained by defeating enemies. Another way to gain items is by buying them from Merchants. In order to craft the item you want, you can also speak to Johannes to perform Alchemy.

Items can be utilized in an assortment of ways. They may be used to regenerate MP/HP, get rid of status ailments, craft a multitude of other items, and gain temporary or even permanent buffs/effects. The most important use of items is to further the story and unlock different areas/quests.

Bloodstained: Ritual of The Night Items

Let’s start with consumables. Consumables can be found in the aforementioned ways.

Consumable Effect Crafting Materials Needed
Potion A little amount of health can be restored by this medicine. 1x Bat Feather + 1x Melting Bone
High Potion A great amount of health can be restored by this medicine. 2x Potion + 1x Monster Bird Tear
Ether A little amount of magic can be restored by this medicine. 1x Bat Feather + 1x Monster Bird Tear
High Ether A great amount of magic can be restored by this medicine. Ether + 1x Monster Bird Tear
Mithridate  Poison can be expelled from the body by this medicine. 1x Frog Eye + 1x Monster Bird Tear
Poison  N/A N/A

Prepare Food

There is a special type of item called ‘Prepared Food’. A variety of different ingredients are used by Miriam to make “Prepared Food”. By providing Johannes the necessary ingredients, cooked meals can be prepared. Permanent or temporary buffs can be attained by consuming these meals.

Item Description Effects Crafting Materials Needed
Flan Flan is a steamed milk and egg custard. Each bite provides lasting delight. +5 Intelligence 1x Milk + 1x Sugar + 1x Dragon Egg
Ginger Pork Delicately cut pork gently boiled in ginger sauce. Goes along very well with rice. +1 Strength 1x Pork + 1x Ginger + 1x Moco Oil + 1x Soy Sauce
Lemon Cream Pie A lemon juice stuffing covered with cream. To be enjoyed in the summer. +5 Intelligence 1x Sugar + 1x Lemon + 1x Pie Dough
Lemonade Created from sweetened lemon juice, a revitalizing and delicious drink. MP Recovery Period is shortened by 3.0/SEC 1x Lemon + 1x Soda Water
Macaroni Cheese  A popular meal made by smearing cheese onto pasta. But something doesn’t feel right… +5 Luck 1x Pasta 1x Cheese + 1x Moco Leek + 1x White Sauce
Pork Cutlet A piece of pork that has been breaded and cooked for a crunchy outer-layer.. +1 Strength 1x Pork + 1x Flour + 1x Moco Oil + 1x Dragon Egg
Steak  A piece of meat cooked on a grill. You’ll enjoy every bite to the fullest. +10 Strength 1x Beef + 1x Halite + 1x Butter + 1x Black Pepper
Uni Rice Bowl A simple, yet brilliant, meal made up of sea urchin on cooked rice. Absolutely captivating. +3 Luck 1x Rice + 1x Soy Sauce + 1x Sea Urchin


There is a type of item called ‘Materials’. Materials can be found in the same way as Consumables. Johannes can take materials from you to use them as ingredients to the craft the following:

  1. Items
  2. Weapons
  3. Ammo
  4. Armor
  5. Headgear
  6. Scarves
  7. Accessories
  8. Prepared Food

Enhancing Shards

Material Description
Alkahest The universal solvent.
Amethyst Fragment One of Purple Gemstone’s fragments.
Bat Feather Alchemists regularly use this bat-wing.
Beef Zagan meat that just dissolves in your mouth.
Black Pepper A spice that adds a new element to your dish. May be seen next to salt.
Bronze A color-changing metal.
Butter A dairy product used in a multitude of dishes; from sweets to sautés.
Cannon Scrap A shattered cannon’s scrap.
Cheese A dairy product attained from fermenting milk
Demon Cloth N/A
Demon Dog Skin A demon canine’s leather.
Demon Dog’s Fang N/A
Dragon Egg A dragon’s egg. Gourmands pay a good price for this.
Egg A chicken’s newly-laid egg. The yolk can be taken out with your fingers.
Flour A grain present in every kitchen and used in a ton of dishes.
Frog Eye N/A
Ginger A spice that gives an invigorating bite and keeps the body warm.
Halite Harvested from the sea, it is a very important seasoning.
Iron A customary form of metal.
Lemon A very bitter and yellow-colored fruit that may be used to mask the smell of fish.
Limestone N/A
Lion’s Mane A very soft and fuzzy mane.
Melting Bone A kind of sticky bone.
Milk Milk attained from an actual demon. The epitome of dairy treats.
Moco Leek N/A
Moco Oil Oil gained from Moco weeds. Really helps to refresh the skin.
Monster Bird Tear N/A
Obsidian Made from volcanic lava, it is a black gemstone.
Pasta Noodles which are made from durum wheat flour. On being boiled, they become chewy.
Pie Dough A dough made from butter and flour. Makes a nice, cracking crust.
Pork A Plume Parma’s pork. The sirloin is breathtaking.
Rice A grain which can be found in a lot of Eastern diets.
Sea Urchin An exquisite sea dish which tastes best raw. Its taste weakens as it gets older, so best have it fresh.
Soda Water Carbonated water. Makes a very replenishing beverage when mixed with fruit juice.
Soy Sauce Made from soybeans, it is a liquid condiment which is very important to Eastern cuisine.
Squares Tough oak tree wood.
>Steel A metal refined from iron.
Sugar A sweetener, and a crucial ingredient for desserts.
White Sauce Made from a roux of flour and fat, a white sauce.

Key Items

Another special type of item in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is called a ‘Key Item’. The main story or special quests and different areas can be unlocked or advanced using these. Key items are usually attained from NPCs or found in particular areas of a certain location.

Key Item Description
Galleon Map Minerva’s map.
Village Key A key which can be used to open a locked door found in a shelter.

This is all we have in our Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Items Locations Guide. If you have anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know!

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