Ubisoft Exec: Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 Are “Super Sexy for the Fans to Look Forward to”

Ubisoft is already a part of the future of gaming. The company is working as a leading partner to Google Stadia. Ubisoft also pushed its own uPlay+ subscription service at E3 2019. There is plenty of potentials is Google Stadia and video game streaming in general.

But that doesn’t mean traditional consoles are going anywhere. In fact, Ubisoft praised the level of innovation and hardware power on offer with Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5. Developers like to surprise players and next-gen will allow them to do this.

Executive director Alain Corre said there are new elements that’ll help developers innovate. Furthermore, new technologies allow new ways of social engagements data sharing. Social features will play a huge part in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett.

I think the social aspect in the game is something that is more and more important. The new technologies will provide new ways for fans to exchange data. And there are plenty of other new elements to improve the quality of gaming. Microsoft spoke about SSD [super-fast hard drives] and the fact they want to reduce the loading times… It’s a very important topic and it’s a revolution, this thing

Corre believes features like 4K will make PS5 and Xbox Scarlett “sexy for the players to look forward to.” PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will release next Fall. Reportedly, the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will cost around $499.99.

It sounds like next-generation consoles are not only more powerful but also bring new ways to interact. The social interaction features need more elaboration which we can expect at E3 2020. According to a recent statement from Microsoft, Xbox Scarlett is reasonably priced. Rival Sony is yet to discuss PlayStation 5’s price.

Source: The Telegraph