Halo Infinite Gameplay Reveal Discussed And We’re Disappointed

Despite being in development for a long time and announced two years ago, Halo Infinite doesn’t have the gameplay to show yet. 343i Industries’ busy working on its new Halo game for the next-generation Xbox Scarlett. It didn’t make sense to show the game so early since fans now demand gameplay. According to 343i, there is no gameplay for Halo Infinite anytime soon.

Speaking in an interview head of Xbox Game Studios Matt Booty confirmed there won’t be gameplay reveals for the foreseeable future. Microsoft and 343i are waiting for the right moment to show Halo. His comments suggest that we may not see gameplay until next year. Halo Infinite gameplay is likely to be shown alongside the reveal of Xbox Scarlett at E3 2020. It is a long wait which is disappointing.

Matt Booty mentioned Halo: The Master Chief Collection as one of the main focuses of the team. They are working hard to bring Halo to PC with The Master Chief Collection.

With Halo right now, the team is focused on Master Chief Collection, taking that to PC. So what are we going to show when? You know how this goes. There’s a lot of different beats at different times relative to when the team can deliver different things, and you have to manage all that. It’s a lot different than if we’re one studio working on one game and we just have to hit E3 and then a console launch.

We opened with Outer Worlds and ended with Halo. We had 14 first-party games, which is the most we’ve ever had at E3. For me it was cool to know that we didn’t have to scrape the bottom of the bucket to get that many games here. There’s a lot of other stuff we haven’t shown yet waiting in the wings, which I love. Between now and the fall of 2020, there’s going to be a lot of other opportunities to show stuff. I’m glad that we’re not empty. We’ve still got stuff waiting in the wings.

Halo Infinite’s full gameplay reveal is unlikely for 2019. But as far as the story goes, we know a bit more about it from the E3 2019 trailer. Halo Infinite story is set after the events of Halo 5 ending. Let me warn you, there are major spoilers for the ending of Halo 5 Guardians below. If you haven’t played it yet please scroll away right now.

Halo 5 Ending and What it Means for Halo Infinite?

Halo 5 ending is a topic of debate ever since the game released back in 2016. The story is linked to Halo 4 and has the responsibility to set up Halo 6. It is a tricky position to be in and Halo 5 writers somewhat dropped the ball. Halo 5 ending starts very little and left fans on a cliffhanger. It fails to be a satisfying self-contained story.

Most of the game is spent playing as Agent Locke which triggered many hardcore Halo fans. Master Chief is introduced later in the game and is hunted by Locke. Agent Locke and Master Chief have a common goal, to follow a mysterious signal from Cortana. When you finally find her it’s revealed that she’s no longer the helpful AI you knew. Cortana is now a power hungry mad god. Her goal is to bring order to the galaxy with the promethean army and its titular Guardians.

In the end, Cortana tries to abduct Master Chief but Locke stops her. Her goal is to take the entire universe to the promised land. No one will have a tangible form so there won’t be wars. And that’s it.

But if you play on the heroic difficulty there is a bonus ending. You see a familiar looking ring over an unfamiliar planet and it the ring turns blue. Cortana is now in possession of a galaxy destroying Halo ring.