Elden Ring’s Storytelling Style Will Be Like Dark Souls, Says Miyazaki

Despite From Software being helped in its development of the upcoming game Elden Ring by George R. R. Martin, it’s still going to be a From game. According to Hidetaka Miyazaki himself, Elden Ring’s storytelling is going to be similar to Dark Souls, rather than something like Sekiro earlier this year.

Unlike Sekiro, which had a fairly self-contained plot despite the sprawling levels that players went through, the Dark Souls games have a very nebulous style of storytelling. While you are given a set end-goal, there’s not much to go on otherwise.

Various developments and backstory that players would ordinarily gain from cutscenes were told through flavor text in weapon and armor and item descriptions, along with a few little tidbits that are gleaned from speaking to NPCs or simply looking around in the game’s vast open world.

Even then, this style of storytelling, and therefore Elden Ring’s storytelling, has a lot of holes. Unless you’re looking out for things, and are capable of filling in the gaps on your own, you might think that the story is full of plot holes.

This is a rather different approach than what George R. R. Martin normally takes, especially considering the amount of work he put into his various books, especially his most well-known series “A Song of Ice and Fire”, known to most as the Game of Thrones books.

That series has a very great deal of work put into its worldbuilding, ranging from its background history, to the various noble houses and nations that make up the entire world. While we may only get bits and pieces unless fully explained, hopefully Martin will be able to make Elden Ring’s storytelling less confusing while making its world just as engrossing.

Elden Ring will be coming out on the Xbox One and Playstation 4 sometime in the future, though we have no idea of when that will be.