20 Years of Counter Strike: Game Celebrates Birthday With Playable Retro Dust2 Map

Today marks the 20th birthday of Counter Strike and to commemorate the occasion, gamers are being treated to a classic Dust2 map in CS:GO.

The original Half-Life mod was released back in 1999, before Valve Corporation took over to launch the 1.0 version in 2000.

While a remastered version of the map launched in 2017, a “retro” version of the map is now available to play, to truly tip its hat to Counter-Strike’s origins and where it all started.

Releasing a retro version of the Dust2 map has definitely been a great move, as the map has remained extremely popular over the years. Even those who have not played the Counter Strike games would come across recreated versions of this map from the likes of Minecraft, Far Cry 3 and Fortnite.

As well as the retro map, other companies are also celebrating Counter-Strike’s birthday, such as CORSAIR giving away a $100 Steam gift card and M55 RBG PRO mouse on Twitter and FACEIT building a Dust2 Classic hub.

The latest Counter Strike game to be released was Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in 2012, and while there has been a number of spin offs and various rumours, Valve has not announced a new Counter Strike title since.

Despite this, the game has managed to remain relevant and retain its popularity, and fans have expressed their appreciation for it on this special occasion.

“Happy birthday to Counterstrike, a game which has given me more possibilities, frustrations, ups and downs, and friendships then I ever thought a video game could. Let’s keep the run going another 20 years” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“Greatest game of all time! Happy birthday CSGO, thanks everyone involved making this game epic for so long. Can’t even imagine how my life would be without Counter-Strike. Definitely the thing I’m passionate about the most” another wrote.

Despite the unlikeliness of a new game anytime soon, Counter-Strike is still a franchise that is adored by many and is still going strong after 20 years.