Riot Games Withheld Critical Information In Gender Pay Gap and Sexim Case

The studio responsible for League of Legends is facing a fair share of problems. In the start of 2019, five employees have filed lawsuits against Riot for a gender-biased workspace. More recently 150 walked out on the company because of the same reason. The ex-employees blame the company for forced arbitration and sexism.

Riot Games is already under investigation from the Department of Fair Employment and Housing.

Riot Games has withheld this critical information from the government at the same time it has issued a public diversity and inclusion commitment on its website that the company will ‘finish our full pay equity analysis’ by July 2019.

Riot Games denied the allegations and said the company is fully co-operating with DFEH. The studio leadership had recently issued an official apology to its employees. Yet some rioting employees demand termination of that the main culprits. Riot Games hold the legal advantage as protesters signed an arbitration clause in their contracts. However, withholding information from the Government can never go in Riot’s favor.

The clause adds to the tension between disgruntled ex-employees and Riot Games. But the studio does appear to be taking steps to repair the situation. Riot Games is making attempts at a somewhat peaceful negotiation with protesters. They have hired a new chief diversity officer, Angela Roseboro.

Some of the employees responsible for the toxic culture at Riot faced some consequences. Chief Operating Officer Scott Gelb got suspended without pay for 2 months. How well this will work for Riot Games remains to be seen but it is clear that protesters don’t feel this is enough of a punishment.

Source: PCGamesInsider