The Outriders E3 2019 Trailer Revealed More Than You Think, Here’s What You Missed

We got to see a very enigmatic and mysterious trailer for Outriders developed by studio People Can Fly. The trailer was so shrouded in mystery that the developers themselves recently pointed out 6 major things we may have missed in the E3 2019 Outriders trailer. As it turns out, we can expect a lot from Outriders’ co-op/solo gameplay system.

In a video posted on Outriders official YouTube account, the developers dove deep into facts and information many gamers might not have caught on in their initial viewing of the E3 2019 trailer.

The first thing the video touches on is People Can Fly. People Can Fly is not new to the action-adventure genre. In fact, People Can Fly previously worked on AAA-games like Gears of War, Bulletstorm, and Fortnite.

According to Bartosz Kmita, Creative Director at People Can Fly, “Outriders draws on all our experience from all our previous titles.” Furthermore, working on prominent games has allowed the studio to expand itself into a global operation consisting of four sub-studios. People Can Fly has over 200 developers across Poland, the UK, and the US.

According to studio head, Sebastian Wojciechowski, “[Outriders] is a game we’ve had in our heads ever since People Can Fly left Epic Games. Outriders is the game that we have been wanting to make for years,” he said. “We’re very happy to be working with Square Enix on this project, it’s a big undertaking for us and the team has grown considerably to work on the Outriders project.”

The second thing the video details is “The Signal”. We got to see a brief glimpse of a signal-receiving device being held by one of the Outriders in the E3 2019 reveal trailer.

“The Outrider we follow is being driven by a signal-receiving device which we can see her holding at the start of the trailer and then at the end after what we can see is a flashback of her journey across this hellscape.”

Even though the video doesn’t tell everything all at once, we can gather that this signal has a lot of importance in Outriders’ narrative.

The third major thing we learn in the video is Outriders’ setting. The game is set on the planet of Enoch.

“The world of Outriders is dark and desperate. The colonization of this planet has not gone to plan. The shantytowns of the First City present a grim, broken future. Forget lasers and shiny metals – this is a gritty and brutal take on science fiction.”

The developers also revealed that Outriders will focus on the player creating their own characters in the game. According to People Can Fly’s Game Director, Bartosz:

“In our game, you create your own Outrider” “and journey across the hostile planet of Enoch in search of the source of a mysterious signal.”

This means that players will be able to customize and create their own character at the start of your travels across Enoch.

One of the other interesting aspects of the E3 2019 reveal trailer was the creatures in Outriders. In one particular scene, we saw a glimpse of three Outriders stand before a “giant creature with an over-enlarged, looming grotesqueness”.

We also saw a similar looking vicious creature on one of the developer’s screens in the Outriders dev diary.

“Enoch is home to more than just humans, but you’re going have to wait to see just how this wildlife affects your journey.”

It is likely we’ll experience some heavy boss battles involving said vicious creatures in Outriders.

Last but not least, the video talked about the “Drop In, Drop Out Co-Op” gameplay system in Outriders.

 “Outriders features drop-in, drop-out co-op for one to three players, So tackling the terror with your friends is just as easy as traversing the world solo.”

According to Bartosz,

“We are creating an experience with a strong story” ‘that you can enjoy with your friends or on your own.”

Outriders presents the choice of playing solo or co-op with friends. It is perhaps the best aspect of Outriders’ gameplay. You can experience Outrider’s story as you like when you journey across a sci-fi world in search of a mysterious energy source.

The video then concludes by saying that the developers will show more information this winter with more information about Outriders.

So far, Outriders seems very interesting and People Can Fly’s enthusiasm about the game is undoubtedly high. Expect a lot of gunplay and shooting combat from People Can Fly’s upcoming Outriders. Outriders has a summer 2020 release date for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.