Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Necromancer Skills – Grave Lord, Bone Tyrant, Living Death

The difference between life and death is decided by ESO’s Necromancer abilities. The Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Necromancer Skills resurrect the corpse that are getting in your way to soldiers who will help you by your side.

Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr Necromancer Skills

There are three different lines of skills for the Necromancer. You will be using these skill branches as a base for your class builds due to the ESO: Elsweyr expansion.

Grave Lord Active Abilities

Frozen Colossus (Ultimate)
Release a frostbitten Flesh Colossus to attack enemies in the area. The Colossus smashes the ground three times dealing AoE frost damage. The smash increases 30% damage taken by the enemies and increases their major vulnerability of enemies for three seconds.

Flame Skull
Releases an explosive skull on the enemy that deals with flame damage. After every third hit, 20% of damage is increased.

A flaming skeleton is summoned after 2.5 seconds that run after the enemy and blasts near them dealing with flame damage to the enemies near the blast.

Destroys the ground at the target location dealing frost damage for ten seconds. Using a corpse on cast increases 20% damage. Grave Robber synergy can also be activated to deal with frost damage to enemies and to heal you from the damage done.

Skeletal Mage
A skeletal mage is created from dirt to fight by our side for 16 seconds. The mage attacks enemies closer to it after every two seconds dealing with shock damage.

Shocking Siphon
A corpse is drained from its spark for over 12 seconds dealing shock damage to enemies between you and the corpse and damage done is increased by 3%.

Grave Lord Passive Abilities

Reusable Parts
If an enemy dies within four seconds of being damaged by one of your Necromancer abilities, your next Blastbones, Skeletal Mage, or Spirit Mender cast is free.

Death Knell
Your critical strike chance is increased against enemies under 25% health by 10% for each Grave Lord ability slotted.

While a Grave Lord ability is active, your spell and physical penetration are increased by 1500.

Rapid Rot
Increases your damage done with damage over time effects by 10%.

Bone Tyrant Active Abilities

Bone Goliath Transformation (Ultimate)
Become a horrific Bone Goliath that increases your health for 20 seconds and immediately restoring health. While transformed, your light attacks and heavy attacks restore health.

Death Scythe
Slice into your enemy’s life force that deals magic damage and healing you for the first enemy hit. The heal grows in power for each additional enemy hit, up to five times. This portion of this ability scales off your maximum health

Bone Armor
Wrap yourself in hardened bone, granting you Major Resolve and Major Ward, increasing your physical resistance and spell resistance for eighteen seconds. Creates a corpse when the impact completes.

Bitter Harvest
Snap the lingering life from recent corpses, granting you two Ultimate and heals every one second for two seconds per corpse consumed. This ability scales off your maximum health. While slotted, your damage taken is reduced by 3%

Bone Totem
Place a totem of bone at your feet that gives Minor Protection to you and your allies for eight seconds, reducing your damage taken by 8%. After two seconds, the totem instills fear in enemies, holding them in place for four seconds

Grave Grasp
Summon three patches of skeletal claws from the ground in front of you, snaring your enemies by 50% for five seconds and inflicting Minor Maim for five seconds, reducing their damage done by 15%

Bone Tyrant Passive Abilities

Death Gleaning
Restores Magicka and Stamina if an enemy dies near you and you have a Bone Tyrant ability slotted.

Disdain Harm
Reduce the damage you take from damage over time abilities by 10% while you have a Bone Tyrant ability active.

Health Avarice
Increase your healing received by 2% for each Bone Tyrant ability slotted

Last Gasp
Increase your maximum health.

Living Death Active Abilities

Reanimate (Ultimate)
Your allies are brought back from death, resurrecting up to three allies at the target location.

Render Flesh
Sacrifice your own power to repair damaged flesh, healing you or an ally in front of you but applying Minor Defile to yourself for four seconds, reducing your healing received and health recovery by 15%.

Embrace the power of death, removing up to three negative effects from yourself. While slotted, the cost of all your abilities is reduced by 3%.

Life amid Death
Release residual fragments of fallen souls at the target location, healing you and your allies. Consumes a corpse on the cast to continue to heal you and your allies in the area over five seconds.

Spirit Mender
Conjure a ghostly spirit to do your bidding and stay by your side for 16 seconds. The spirit heals you or the lowest health ally around you every two seconds, restoring health.

Restoring Tether
Siphon the last remnants of life from a corpse. While slotted, your Healing done is increased by 3%.

Living Death Passive Abilities

Curative Curse
While you have a negative effect on you, the Healing Done is increased by 8%.

Near-Death Experience
While you have a Living Death ability slotted, your critical strike chance with all healing abilities is increased by up to 20% in proportion to the severity of the target’s wounds.

Corpse Consumption
When you use an ability on a corpse, you generate 10 Ultimate. This effect can occur once every 16 seconds.

Undead Confederate
While you have a Necromancer summon active, your Magicka recovery and Stamina Recovery are increased by 300.