Elden Ring Gameplay Could Feature Horseback Combat, Different From Dark Souls

Elden Ring is an upcoming open-world title. The game is a collaboration between From Software and George RR Martin. A recent official Tweet revealed more about how Elden Ring gameplay is based on Dark Souls.

Here’s the exact Tweet referencing the vast open world. It also mentions different combat situations players will encounter:

What kind of different situations were they talking about? Players speculate it’s going to be horseback combat. I can’t think of any game in recent memory that has nailed that mechanic. If anyone can, it’s From Software. We do know that Elden Ring will feature horseback riding

Elden Ring gameplay and the setting itself is often credited to the Souls series. Miyazaki has expressed several times how much Elden Ring will be taking from Dark Souls. This includes the lack of populated towns and little to no NPCs.

I personally feel like the open-world feel of Elden Ring will be similar to Breath of the Wild. The open-world Legend of Zelda game heavily emphasized exploration. The game had no waypoints or guides whatsoever. Everything was left to vague directions and player exploration.

The Souls Series video games was semi-open world. The first game comprised of interconnected areas. Players weren’t given any directions through their HUD. They had to follow linear branching out pathways. People found ways to track where they went in the form of enemies they faced.

The Elden Ring gameplay will most likely make players explore a post-apocalyptic style world. This will include the traversing of ruins and lost civilizations. All the areas will be full of secrets and lore interpretation alongside enemies.

I’m excited to see just how great combat can be fused with open-world gameplay. With video games in the past, it’s always been one or the other. This time around might be a nice change of pace.

You can expect a sad gritty tale when the minds behind Dark Souls and Game of Thrones come together.

An Elden Ring release date is yet to be confirmed but we are hoping that the game will come out in fall 2020 or if From Software wants to surprise fans, it could be be Q1 2020.