County Law Forcing Anthem Refunds in Australia

BioWare’s Anthem is a disaster, to say the least, but you can get your money back now. Australian consumer protection law is forcing Sony to issue Anthem refunds. So far only Sony is reportedly giving refunds to those who threaten to contact authorities. The good news is that any retailer that operates in Australia must comply with the local consumer protection law.

Be it EA Origin, Amazon, PlayStation Store, or Xbox Marketplace so it’s not limited to Sony. If you bought Anthem in Australia you can prove it’s not only a faulty protect but its falsely advertised.

One of the Reddit users is able to get Anthem refunded even though Sony refused at first. Once he familiarized himself with the local consumer protection law, the Redditor contact customer support and explained the law. Moreover, he threatened to contact ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Court).

Customer support took his request and refunded Anthem in two weeks.

I have been ripped off by a few games… No Man’s Sky was a real eye opener for me and I hope everyone understands that just because its policy doesn’t make it legal. Often companies will deny claims outright until you demonstrate you know your rights.

Anthem ticked a lot of boxes for me and while I expected hiccups…. what we got wasn’t even close to acceptable, and not much has been done to improve the situation. Sad to see such potential lost.

How to Get Anthem Refund?
If you in Australia you can contact your retailer and explain how Anthem is a defective product. It has random crashes and game-breaking bugs that make it unplayable. Moreover, it was falsely advertised at E3 2017 and again at E3 2018.

EA’s Anthem clearly violates Australia’s consumer protection law. It is just a matter of being aware of how the law works. Hopefully, this will help you get refunds for Anthem.

Anthem released on PS4, Xbox One, and PC a few months ago and its live-service model is its biggest issue. EA and BioWare sold the product on a promise to built on it.

Source: Reddit