Update Version 8.1.0 Doesn’t Do Much For The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo released a firmware update version 8.1.0 for its portable gaming console Switch, but what does it really do? Nintendo Switch has been in the news lately and for a number of different reasons. Mostly because of E3 2019 press conference from Nintendo. Yesterday, the Switch’s firmware got a major firmware update/patch which pretty much doesn’t do anything major at all.

Actually, Nintendo has only focused on improving the general user experience of the Switch with the patch/update version 8.1.0. Even the official patch notes are only one line long.

General system stability improvements to enhance the user’s experience.

Aside from that, there are no added features, no added options, and no cool stuff. The update version 8.0.0 added a variety of features like the ability to transfer your save data, which allowed users to transfer your save data for individual games between your Nintendo Switch systems. It even quietly snuck a boost mode that works behind the scenes while playing games on the Switch.

This boost mode reportedly “overclocks” Switch’s CPU speed from 1GHz to 1.75GHz, allowing for reduced loading times.

That being said, if you’re keen on getting the patch/update version 8.1.0 for your Nintendo Switch, here is what you can do:

If you have a stable internet connection, it is likely your Switch will automatically connect to Nintendo’s servers and download the patch/update version 8.1.0 without you doing anything.

But in case that doesn’t happen automatically, head to the System Settings and look for version 8.1.0. Tap on that to being the download.

Make sure you have the updated version 8.0.0 already installed on you Nintendo Switch. In some cases, not having the update version 8.0.0 installed can lead to problems while updating.

According to a recent report published by The Wall Street Journal, production on the rumored new Switch models has already begun after E3 2019. The report also claims that Nintendo has moved the production outside of China to another country in order to combat the 25 percent tax tariff recently introduced by Trump.

In any case, these updates usually include improvements related to security and performance even if we don’t notice them straight away. The best thing to do is to update your Nintendo Switch to version 8.1.0