Rod Fergusson Would Have Cancelled Fortnite If He Still Worked For Epic Games

You may or may not know that Rod Fergusson, currently the head of development studio The Coalition, used to work for Epic Games (fitting, considering Epic developed the original Gears of War games) as a director. However, Rod Fergusson would have cancelled Fortnite, he admitted, if he still worked for the company.

Fortnite first debuted in 2017 and despite a rocky start soon became a video gaming juggernaut, mainly due to its “zombie survival” gameplay becoming second fiddle to its Battle Royale mode, which quickly grew to eclipse PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Battlegrounds had been the sole king of the Battle Royale market for months before, ever since releasing on Steam in Early Access. However, once Fortnite’s own battle royale mode came out, PUBG found itself with a rival that rapidly grew to eclipse it.

However, since then Fortnite’s reputation has soured, not just with gamers, but some former Epic employees. too. In addition to the fact that Rod Fergusson would have cancelled Fortnite, many Epic employees are also bitter that the game has essentially placed them in non-stop crunch due to pushing out patch after patch.

Rod Fergusson says he would have cancelled Fortnite while he worked at Epic because in his opinion it didn’t pass the bar of what Epic normally produced. Considering the epic scale of the Gears of War games, he’d be right. He actually tried to cancel it earlier than that, as well, but was unsuccessful.

Considering that Epic Games had previously produced not just Gears of War games but also the Unreal Tournament series and the original Age of Wonders game, there might have been a good point to the fact that Rod Fergusson would have cancelled Fortnite.

He did say though, that if you love Fortnite and are glad of how popular it’s gotten, you should feel really good about yourself since if Rod were still at Epic, the game wouldn’t exist.