Rainbow Six Quarantine Features The Ultimate Thrill Ride

Rainbow six Quarantine has permadeath, according to Ubisoft developers. Ubisoft is trying to create the thrill and excitement of a horror game in Rainbow Six Quarantine. And even though it fits as a new game mode for Siege, this is a separate game.

Rainbow Six Quarantine isn’t the first game to adopt the permadeath system. The game adopts a permadeath mechanism somewhat similar to Batman Arkham Origins on Nightmare difficulty, DMC 5, Heavy Rain, etc.

Rainbow Six will remain an FPS first with the release of Quarantine but with the addition of the following in addition to permadeath mode.

  • Horror elements.
  • The ghastly scary artwork
  • Quarantine story concepts of the game
  • And the now the permadeath teases

All of these make this game a thrill ride players will remember for better or worse. In the official story behind the quarantine saga, an alien parasite has been released that infects, kills and converts people. This is a sort of derivative concepts zombie games have been doing for decades.

Even the main protagonist being infected and in need of regular shots is an old concept. The Dead Rising series has been doing it for years. Dead Rising being itself a comical zombie game from Capcom. But this is Ubisoft we are talking about. No doubt more surprises are in store for players like

  • More guns
  • More skins for those guns
  • More tactical attachments for those guns
  • More customization options for the player
  • More people to shoot in a realistic yet thrilling manner
  • Intense yet optimized graphics
  • Rich world/levels/missions filled with pop culture intense easter eggs and references
  • The plot twist that nobody expects
  • Intense military/SWAT tactical gameplay
  • Sweet horror music that with the much more real threat of perma-dying

Expect much more to keep the players engaged for a long time, as well as keep the blood pumping and the adrenaline following.

Thanks, PC Gamer