Microsoft Says Xbox Scarlett Price Will Be Reasonable Despite Past Releases

One of the unfortunate realities of advancing technology is that it gets more expensive as it goes. However, Microsoft is hoping to break that chain in regards to the Xbox Scarlett price, which it says will be “reasonable”. However, the company hasn’t actually revealed the price of the console yet.

The Xbox Scarlett is the next evolution of the Xbox console, though we don’t know when it will be releasing just yet (though there are rumors). At the same time, Microsoft’s past console releases have given a few people fears that it will be prohibitively expensive to many.

The company’s 4K console, the Xbox One X, currently sits at around $499, when the generic console launched at around $300 when it first released back in 2013. Several variants of the Xbox One have been released since then at other prices, which could also affect the Xbox Scarlett Price.

Depending on what kind of gamer you are, rumors of there being multiple different variants and models of the Xbox Scarlett. Similarly to how the Xbox One X was created to appeal to the 4K resolution market, and the Xbox One S for a market that wanted smaller, cheaper Xboxes, the Scarlett might have a similar outcome.

At the same time, the price, though important, isn’t the only thing the Scarlett needs to be successful. The Xbox One started off badly in this generation’s console war because Microsoft unveiled a large number of mechanics in the console, such as no used games, regular check-ins, and a Kinect that was always on, that people saw as privacy-invading.

The Playstation 4, which had none of these, along with a massive number of games exclusive to it, therefore started off with the advantage and has dominated to this day. While we don’t know the Xbox Scarlett price for sure, or what all it will come with, maybe Xbox’s fortunes will reverse in the next generation.