Worst Pokemon Games That Were More Hated Than Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon games usually get positive reception but there have been times when Nintendo dropped the ball. Many times we have seen Pokemon games that were disappointing, to say the least. And today we are going to list the worst Pokemon games. Why? You may ask. Pokemon Sword and Shield are why.

Ever since the reveal of Pokemon Sword and Shield we have seen some criticism. There are many aspects players don’t agree with. This is especially true the lack of  “catch em all.” Players can no longer catch all of the Pokemon thanks to the sheer number of Pokemon in Sword and Shield.

Worst Pokemon Games

According to the developer, there are over 1000 Pokemon in Sword and Shield. It is next to impossible to create a Pokemon with a unique personality and balance their compatibility. This is one of the reasons why Pokemon Sword and Shield is getting plenty of flak from the community.

So this brings us to our topic for today, what are the worst Pokemon games?

Pokemon Generation V

Pokemon White
Pokemon White is ranked as one of the worst games

The only thing Generation V games did is increase the number of Pokemon. One can argue it is part of the reason why we are now seeing Sword and Shield being overwhelmed with Pokemon. So many Pokemon from various generations in the upcoming game. There are around 649 Pokemon (not counting X and Y). The entire generation of games feel like an easy cash grab but there is one thing they did right. Technical Machines felt more like HMs due to their infinite usage.

Pokemon Dash

Worst Pokemon Games
Pokemon “Boredom” Dash

Well, when you hear the idea of a Pokemon racing game it sounds pretty good. But sadly the implementation of this racing game was simply terrible. Its horrible touch screen controls were messy and made it difficult to play. In the end, players would get frustrated and quit, I know I did. The experience quickly becomes annoying enough for you to give up and move to better things.

Pokemon Dream Radar

Pokemon Dream Radar
Who came up with this?

If you think you come up with bad ideas, don’t be hard on yourself because someone actually had the idea of creating this game. The 3DS game makes you use the handheld’s camera to break Dream Clouds to capture Pokemon. Like Pokemon Dash, this game too quickly turns into frustration due to lack of things to to do and is completely boring. It isn’t worth the $3 price tag. Among the worst Pokemon games.

Pokèmon Shuffle

Pokemon Shuffle
Shuffle the microtransactions

What can we say about Pokemon Shuffle that hasn’t been said already? One of the worst Pokemon games to date. The free to play forced players to match three Pokemon to deliver a combo, increase the score, and capture Pokemon. But the worst part about is the reliance on microtransactions and wait for timers. What else can you expect from a mobile game?

Pokemon Channel

Pokemon Channel
Where is the game?

Channel is not only the worst Pokemon game but also among the worst games in existence. It is hard to even call this a video game. Looking at the name, one may think you are part of some TV network based around Pokemon but that’s not the case. You simply sit next to Pikachu and watch TV. That’s it! That’s the game.