Bethesda Is Bringing Fallout Shelter To Tesla Cars

During an E3 2019 panel related to Bethesda, Todd Howard and Elon Musk had an outlandish conversation. Amidst the conversation leaked information about Fallout Shelter being made available on Tesla cars.

Tesla autos is the automobile company Elon Musk is most known for. Besides their contribution to the environment, Tesla has a video game setup within the car. This setup has a few gems like Cuphead already, but now Fallout Shelter will enter the fray.

This was the exact quote we’re taking this news on, spoken by Todd Howard of Bethesda:

We are actually working together. We are working on Fallout Shelter for Tesla. So you’ll have your little dwellers on the screen and they live in the car.

Of course, people had to make a meme of the situation. Both Todd Howard and Elon Musk are well known in the meme community.

One person even asked if we could see the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim in Tesla. To that, Howard jested back in a “starting small” answer. This means we could see it happen down the line right?

Fallout Shelter started out as a mobile game that puts players in control of your own vault. It’s sort of like the Sims except you’re managing the citizens of a Vault.

This role is a familiar one we’ve seen in past games as the player is the overseer of the vault. The game doesn’t have much action but its a nice entertaining past time.

In fact, it’s perfect for a platform like a Tesla automobile. One that gives people enough time to play on their way to their destination. It’s not very time consuming and it runs its course passively in the background.

Bethesda didn’t reveal much else from their own development studio. All we got is the Fallout 76 Battle Royale that nobody asked for.

Fallout Shelter is available now on IOS and Android devices. Soon, it will be added to your nearest Tesla automobile.