Even Phil Spencer Doesn’t Know The Official Name of Project Scarlett Yet

Those still wondering about the name of Next Xbox should know that even Microsoft Head Phil Spencer doesn’t know about the official name of Project Scarlett yet.

Spencer revealed this information in a recent interview with a gaming site. Microsoft surprised everyone at E3 2019 by officially discussing Xbox Scarlett along with some details.

Since E3 2019, Xbox fans have been wanting to know about the name of Project Scarlett but according to Spencer, we will not be hearing it anytime soon.

Now that’s not because Spencer is hiding the official name of Project Scarlett but it’s mainly because Microsoft team is yet to decide the name. By the looks of it, Microsoft is pretty far from making a decision.

Xbox, Phil Spencer said:

You ask me – you won’t – but what is the name? I honestly don’t know what the name is. We don’t even have a list of names. That’s not where we are yet

We can expect to hear about the official name for Xbox Scarlett when it is physically shown off to the public. That we can expect to happen at E3 2020 maybe sometime before.

Furthermore, Phil Spencer is not ready yet to talk about Xbox Scarlett’s price. However, the good news is that the company has a price in mind and Spencer says that they will reveal it soon. If the rumors are to believed, the Xbox Scarlett cost will be around $500.

We’ll get the price out as soon as we can so that people can make those decisions, Spencer said during a live stream on Mixer.

Microsoft head also confirmed that Xbox Scarlett will not be Microsoft’s last console. Spencer didn’t reveal what form the next system could take but made it clear that the company is committed to making more Xbox consoles after Scarlett.

With the arrival of Project xCloud this year, we can expect the next system after Scarlett to be a purely a streaming console.

In regards to Xbox Scarlett vs PlayStation, Spencer made it clear that he wants Xbox to be on top because he’s competitive as anybody. Afterward, Spencer talked about backward compatibility and how it’s such an important feature for the upcoming console. According to Spencer, hundreds of Xbox games from previous generations of Xbox systems will available on Xbox Scarlett.

Xbox Scarlett release date is set for Holiday 2020. Halo Infinite will be one of the launch titles for Next Xbox.