The Final Fantasy 7 Remake Is Multiple Games In One

After the Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay showcase at the Square Enix E3 2019 panel, we were told that the game will be developed with episodic parts added upon the base game itself. Although the Final Fantasy 7 remake hard copy will be shipped out in two disks as is, we aren’t sure how many parts the game will have.

In fact, even the producers don’t know just how many parts Final Fantasy 7 remake will have. All they’ve guaranteed us is that each part will be the length of a full feature game. Even the two disks coming with the base game are only actually the first part of the story.

The Final Fantasy 7 remake will focus and delve deeply into the lore of each area that the story’s events take players to. In the case of the first part, we’ll be exploring Midgar. Unlike the original Final Fantasy 7 where the game was more focused on the story than the exploration.

Final Fantasy 7 Spinoffs

This means we can also expect more character development and in-depth exploration of their backstories. Considering that Square Enix doesn’t know how many parts they will release, combined with each part being a full-length game, it’s safe to say Final Fantasy 7 remake will keep players busy for a very long time.

The E3 2019 conference also showed off Final Fantasy 7 remake gameplay, which is no longer turn-based like the original title. In fact, now it’s more real-time with emphasis on switching characters instantaneously to perform an array of special move combos.

We were also shown Final Fantasy 7 remake Tifa as well as Sephiroth in the new trailer at the Square Enix E3 2019 panel. The collector’s edition was revealed with a figurine of Cloud on his bike, something we can safely expect to see in the game as well.

Finally, E3 2019 confirmed the Final Fantasy 7 release date to be set in the Spring of 2020.