Phil Spencer: Xbox Project Scarlett Will Not Be Microsoft’s Last Console

Rumors have been floating around for the past several months that when Microsoft releases its upcoming console, the Xbox Project Scarlett, that it will be the last console that the company makes. However, Phil Spencer has now gone on the record saying that that is not the case at all.

The reasoning behind these sorts of rumors don’t make the possibility seem all that far-fetched. Microsoft has been becoming more and more attuned to cross-play between the Xbox and PC crowds, allowing PC players to play games that were previously exclusive to the Xbox.

Lately, the most notable addition to that was that the Halo Master Chief Collection would be coming to the PC, and that Halo Infinite, the highly-anticipated next Halo title, would also be released on the PC.

The increasing importance of digital sales in the video game market is also a factor in the rumors, especially given Google Stadia, a Cloud-based gaming system, was also announced at this year’s E3 with multiple games being playable on it.

Spencer said that the Xbox Project Scarlett isn’t the first time that people have claimed that it’s the last console generation. While people are more connected than ever today, and even with the progress in streaming technology for video games, Spencer is of the opinion that the best way to play games will always be on a local device, rather than by streaming.

With the huge leaps and bounds that video game technology makes in a given generation, it’s obvious that there will be new consoles coming out for a long time to come, and who knows what the next generation will bring.

The Xbox Project Scarlett is apparently slated to come out in 2020, and the Playstation 5, though not announced at E3 due to Sony’s absence, will likely get a release date around the same time whenever Sony announces it.