Call Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Brings Back Branching Dialogues And Performances

Single-player campaigns in Call of Duty franchise aren’t known for Dragon Age-level branching paths. With Black Ops 2, Treyarch did introduce a branching story and dialogue system. Now Infinity Ward is bringing back branching dialogue and performances to Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.

A glimpse of it was also shown in Infinity Ward’s last outing, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, with its optional missions and the way you approach some of them.

Speaking with Kotaku, gameplay director Jacob Minkoff confirmed that the story will remain linear. But, character dialogues and performances will vary depending on player actions and decisions in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.

The story itself is linear but in the context of the mission, if you go up to the line but you don’t cross it, what you will end up with is characters saying things like, ‘Dude, what did you just do? God damn it. I hope nobody hears about this.

If you are taking an action that is over the line but understandable, your dialogue with your allies will branch,” Minkoff explains. “In some cases, their performances will branch, and they will call you out on it, and there will be other animated captured performances.

Aside from the single-player campaign, multiplayer is the main attraction for any Call of Duty title. Infinity Ward has confirmed that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 will feature cross-play that will function in a similar way to Fortnite.

Meaning players will be matchmaked according to their input devices. If you are playing with a controller, you’ll be matchmaked with players playing with a controller.

Fortnite-style “input matchmaking” will help avoid PC players stomping everyone, as is a common concern. You match with other players with your style of input, controller or M+K, and only go “out of your league” if you’re partied with a PC friend on console, which will get you into mainly PC games.

With the upcoming reboot of Modern Warfare, Infinity Wards also wants to showcase realistic depiction of war. However, this isn’t sitting well with everyone. Former U.S Marine expressed disgust towards realism showcased in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is a reboot in development at Infinity Wards. The game is scheduled to launch on October 25, 2019, for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

Source: Kotaku