Why Our Excitement Died After Seeing Marvel’s Avengers on E3 2019

Avengers have been part of Marvel for as long as one can recall and fans have made a connection with the character, especially after MCU movies. When Square Enix brought out Marvel’s Avengers at E3 2019, players had high expectations.

However, people showed their anger and disappointment later on social media by trolling the character models of the Avengers on social media. The game has been set out to be released on May 15, 2020, with its platforms being PS4, Xbox One, Windows PC, and Google Stadia.

After waiting for quite a good amount of time, Square Enix finally released Marvel’s Avengers featuring the central cast of the original Avengers. Although the game was highly anticipated, when the footage of the co-op game was revealed, people were not exactly happy to see the characters.

Even though we were shown an extended amount of trailer, we still did not really get how the game is actually played. From what we understood, the game looks like a third-person action game. The characters do get their presence from the Marvel Cinematic Universe but if you have followed Avengers for quite some time, then you can actually see the difference between the characters and character designs. Not only the character design but their appearance like Thor’s suit were also the reason for the blow-up.

The story begins at A-Day celebrating Avengers West Coast Headquarters. A tragedy takes place on the day that causes the Avengers to be outlawed as well as causes them to be disbanded. The story continues after 5 years when due to unforeseen circumstances the Avengers are again reassembled.

An Avengers beta was also announced at the presentation with PS4 getting the version earlier than other platforms. We were also told about the playable characters and the voice cast that includes five key Avengers characters with voice actors behind the roles being:

  • Jeff Schine: Captain America
  • Nolan North: Iron Man
  • Troy Baker: Hulk
  • Travis Willingham: Thor
  • Laura Bailey: Black Widow

The announcement also shows us the cooperative gameplay and free post-release DLC.

The game is said to be a story driven, 4 players co-op online game but it is also being said that the game will be available offline as a solo player as well. The game has said to have no loot boxes or pay-to-win scenarios, so that’s a relief. Live service game with regular content and an ever-expanding world have also been promised with the post-launch characters being completely free for the players.

After being provided with an early beta version, PS4 players will also be given more other extra benefits.

If we have a close look then apart from the designing of the characters, all the features in the game look really impressive making the game look exciting and worth the wait. Not much can really be said on the gameplay until the Beta version or before the release of the game but until then we can actually hope for a good resolution, character story, and gameplay.