Microsoft Is Bringing Asia’s Favorite F2P FPS to Xbox One With Crossfire X

Initially, Crossfire developed by Smilegate Entertainment was Microsoft Windows exclusive. Later, the game earned its popularity in Asia, especially in countries like China and South Korea that made Crossfire world’s top-grossing online game by 2014 with 660 million players worldwide. Further, in 2018, the game became the highest grossing game by grossing up to $10.8 billion in revenue. Even today, the game exits with around 8 million active gamers.

Crossfire is a free-to-play first-person shooter online game which, due to its high popularity in Asia, has been announced to come on consoles as CrossFire X. CrossFire X will be an adaptation of CrossFire that will not only be played in Asia but in the west as well and will be hitting Xbox One by 2020, as announced at E3 2019. It is still unsure whether the game will be released on PC.

Xbox did put out a trailer but that doesn’t really clear out as what the game is and how does it work or even the type of game it is. Although Niko Partners senior analyst, Daniel Ahmad, describes CrossFire as Korean Counter-Strike. In Korea, the game could not reach the expected popularity and later the rights were sold to a Chinese company which took the game’s popularity to a new level.

People are saying that the game will be similar to as Counter-Strike and have gone as far as to accuse the developers of telling an inaccurate number of players, as many gamers that are outside Asia have not even heard about the existence of the game.

Some have said that it is impossible for the game to have such a high number of players seeing that the game has only been released in Asia and the high statistics is just a strategy of the developers to hype up the game. It is clearly working since CrossFire X has recently become a hot topic for players who claim never even hearing the game’s name before.

The game has gotten some positive impressions as well with players showing their excitement and anticipation towards the game. Players who have already played the game have also commented on the game about it being the best game that they have played and how they can’t wait for the nostalgia to hit them.

People have also been talking about the in-game currency of the game. The previous game did have the in-game currency system that gave the players a limited use of weapon and ammo that was less than the ammo bought with the real-world money. But that is a talk for when the game will be released.

People are unsure to comment about anything related to the game right now, as the reaction given by the audience is very partial. Until the game hits the consoles in 2020, it is impossible to guess whether the game will be here to stay or leave.