There’s a New Yet Familiar Multiplayer Medieval Hack ‘n’ Slash in the Field and It’s Chivalry 2

Rejoice, Chivalry fans! Although you guys were long abandoned by the developers and perhaps were tempted to switch to Mordhau or For Honor, you do not have to wait long to head back to your favorite series with Chivalry 2. A lot of new changes are being introduced into the sequel to Chivalry: Medieval Warfare, as we saw from the presented at the PC Gaming Show at E3 2019.

As you would expect, there is a complete overhaul in the graphics and animations department, so everything seems more crisp and fluid. The movement is much more natural and the combat system is much more responsive and adaptable. This was one of the aims of the developers at Torn Banner Studios who wanted to make the sequel much fairer than its predecessor did so attacks can be read, telegraphed, and reacted to accordingly.

In the video embedded below, you can listen to one of the developers clarifying their approach to this game, by making it more adaptable than the one that came before it. He further goes on to say that every aspect of the game now carries more weight and feels more authentic all the while not driving the silly fun away from that fans have come to expect from the popular medieval multiplayer series. Yes, you can use a chicken to pummel your opponent to death.

All the customization aspects and hilarious one-liners from the previous game returns along with many more to be introduced in Chivalry 2. Thanks to a larger player count allowed per match, which is now 64 as opposed to the traditional 32 players max, battles feel more epic in scale and give a more cinematic and visceral sense. The developers aim to recapture the feel of the Battle of Bastards from Game of Thrones and similar action sequences whether they are fictional or otherwise.

Chivalry 2 Screenshot #1

The main objectives in team battle modes that you loved in the previous game returns. These range from laying sieges to executing peasants or high-value targets to setting fields and farms ablaze. Of course, being the defending side, you will need to work to avoid all those tragic outcomes.

Chivalry 2 Screenshot #2

Lastly, the addition of horses brings a new sense of dynamism and fluidity in the game, further adding to the feel of big battle set pieces you have seen in films and TV. That is what the last shot in the trailer and the developers in the interview promise.

It is safe to assume horses will work along the same lines like that in Mordhau in which being on a mount will add to the mobility, but will make it much harder for you to keep your stability and focus. One charge at the wrong time and you would crash straight into an obstacle.

Of course, these changes are well welcomed ensuring the experience is a fresh and unique one but it is far from a winning story just yet. If you belong to the Chivalry community, you must be aware of the developers’ betrayal with Medieval Warfare. Fans were left in a difficult situation when support for the game was ended years ago, leaving glitches and balance changes for the players to sort out on their own.

If Chivalry 2 is to be a huge success amidst other popular hack-n-slash titles, namely, Mordhau that just reached 1 million copies sold, the developer support has to be consistent throughout the game’s cycle. The community should be heard and their issues addressed promptly for a healthy playerbase.

Chivalry 2 will launch sometime next year, launching first on Epic Store where it will be a timed exclusive for a whole year. After that period, the game is expected to hit other PC platforms including Steam.