Watch Dogs Legion Features Hundreds of Playable Characters

Watch Dogs Legion is the first video game announced at Ubisoft E3 2019 press event. Watch Dogs Legion Alpha gameplay shows the occupied London where you don’t as a single character but a legion.

There are multiple playable characters in Watch Dogs Legion. From what we have seen from the gameplay trailer, there seem to be unlimited playable characters. However, since there is permadeath the number of characters playable at any given time will vary depending on how many recruits are alive. Confused? Here’s what’s going on; Watch Dogs Legion is about a group of rebels trying to take back London.

You don’t play one character from the rebel group, you play as all of them. If your character dies you can switch to a different member of the group. Throughout the game, you can recruit more members to the resistance group so there is no set lead character.

The rebel group is the same one we saw in Watch Dogs 2, Deadsec. The UK has become a surveillance state and Deadsec is trying to fight back. The concept is very interesting and it is something we have never seen before.

From Piccadilly Circus to Camden Market, through to Scotland Yard, find and recruit new operatives into your resistance.

Because in Watch Dogs Legion, you get to build your resistance from anyone you meet as you hack, infiltrate, and fight to take back a near-future London that is facing its downfall.

Reclaim your future!

Watch Dogs Legion is coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC next year on March 6. It will be the last Watch Dogs game to release on current-gen consoles Watch Dogs 4 will be exclusive to PS5, Xbox Scarlett and PC.

Watch Dogs Legion was leaked ahead of Ubisoft E3 2019 press event just like many other games. Insider Sabi leaked Legion and a brand new Rainbow Six game. Ubisoft’s Electronic Entertainment Expo keynote is yet to discuss Rainbow Six Quarantine but we will let you know as soon as it shows up.

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Ubisoft’s E3 press conference.